Travel confidently with comprehensive medical coverage and 24/7 assistance for medical emergencies. Ensure a hassle-free trip to Canada with Visitors Insurance.

Frequently Asked Question

Get answers to your questions about Visitors Insurance for Canada and Super Visa – from coverage options to deductibles and other details – in our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

What is Visitors Insurance to Canada?

Visitors Insurance to Canada is a type of travel insurance that provides medical coverage and emergency assistance to non-Canadians visiting Canada for a limited period of time. It helps protect visitors from unexpected medical expenses that may arise due to accidents, illnesses, or medical emergencies during their stay in Canada.

What is Super Visa?

Super Visa is a long-term multiple-entry visa that allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to stay in Canada for up to two years at a time. It is a popular option for families who want to reunite with their loved ones in Canada and stay for an extended period. To be eligible for a Super Visa, applicants must meet certain requirements, including providing proof of financial support and medical insurance coverage. Refer to our dedicated FAQ section to know more.

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Why Us?

Our expert travel insurance brokers offer a range of customization and affordable options for Visitors to Canada Medical Insurance or Super Visa insurance. Come to us for a stress-free experience.


Our insurance brokers are knowledgeable with over 30+ years of experience in travel insurance, and can help you navigate the complex world of policies, finding the right coverage for you.


Our brokers can work with you to customize your coverage to fit your specific needs, whether you need coverage for a short trip or an extended stay in Canada.


We make it easy to get coverage by offering online applications and easy payment options, so you can get the coverage you need quickly and easily.

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